Just Here At The End of the Rainbow

51/100 complete

A Rainbow In Our Garden

This photo is the rainbow landing on the lamp-post in our backyard – not quite a Narnia lamp but pretty cool! We liked watching it out the window of our warm house.

After some encouragement and a very calm and chatty approach I finally managed to give Master 4 a haircut. Master 1 spends a whole haircut saying thank you and Master 4 is pretty much the opposite but he did very well today.

New Haircut

Here he is doing a ‘grumpy face’ – yes, I think he is adorable.

This Is My Grumpy Face

Tonight I finished some little bean bags I started with Master 4 a while ago. He chose all the fabrics and husband helped me finish them off while we watched ‘Catch Me If You Can’ tonight.

Our New Beanbags

It was nice to complete something I feel a bit like I’ve been unproductive lately.

The Backs


3 responses

  1. Haircut looks lovely. Well done Mummy.

  2. Congrats on the haircut Sam! What a nice rainbow, did you find the pot of gold?

  3. Oh, I think the rainbow upped your lamp’s Narnia quotient by at least a 100 🙂 Good job on the hair cut, I have to give my son one and I am nervous!

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