Out of my Comfort Zone

52/100 complete 

Let’s start by saying I’d like to be good at art. I have 2 sisters with very artistic tendencies but for me my stick figures have always been lacking a little something. 

This meant Challenge 7 – was always going to be something of a challenge

I love art. I love looking at art and dreaming about art I could create. No I am not a perfectionist – although I guess you picked that up already – my art and my visions just don’t seem to line up. 

So today I have produced this as my picture of my vision for my family. 

My Little Vision


Let me explain it if it seems a little ‘abstract’. The way I see life we are all like little blades of grass growing upwards towards the light and warmth. Sometimes we are blown by the wind or rained on or even mowed. But for me and for my family I’d like to think that in the midst of all that grass we will still allow ourselves to be unique (4 green shoots), we will produce life (flowers and sprigs of colour), we will grow to our potential (tall in character) and we will turn our faces to the ‘son’. We won’t try to be something else, a tree for instance, we will just be uniquely ourselves and hopefully we will encourage the grass around us to take on colour and to grow and blossom in its own way. 

So this is my little simple picture. The rows of grass are supposed to start and stop haphazardly because sometimes life does that too. Seasons change and we change too. The taller shoots protect the smaller ones from the sides and perhaps they whisper encouragement when the wind blows.


One response

  1. I like your picture. What are you going to do with it? What is it on? Canvas? Paper? xx

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