Still Learning

54/100 complete

We love entertaining and we do a bit of it but I’m still perfecting the art of doing it sensibly. Today we completed Challenge 32 to have a family over for homemade soup and bread. Instead of picking a soup I know well and making scones I decided to use Sophie’s second and third books and make ‘Butter Chicken Soup’ and ‘Naan Bread’. An excellent combination I reasoned. I didn’t stop to think I hadn’t made either of these before. However, they were ok. My naan bread resembled large crackers and the soup was a bit spicy for some of the smaller members. (Luckily Masters 4 and 1 think spaghetti on toast is a treat!)

Naan Bread Crackers!

Husband loved the soup though and is taking the leftovers to work for lunch which is the ultimate compliment from him. There is something supremely satisfying (and incredibly simple) about producing something like a Butter Chicken Soup from spices not a packet.

Butter Chicken Soup

On Friday night I also did Challenge 56 – music and candles. We had our dinner with lovely music and tealight candles all over the table  – they had to be lit a couple of times. Master 1 is a dab hand at blowing candles out, much to his delight.

The weather is freezing, literally. Master 4 and Daddy have a shallow tray of water outside to see what Jack Frost does to it over night. I am snuggling in front of a movie with my new pjs on. Winter is a time to savour too but I will savour it more when the shower is fixed and isn’t cold!


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