56/100 complete

I’m not a great finisher – I’ve said it before and a while ago I began a very cool little project. I have to say I worked hard and I was pleased but the rest of the work had to be done in the garage. I don’t really like to work out in the garage. I like to be in the midst of any action and near a warm fire.

In this instance it was delightful daddy, husband extraordinaire who finished the project. It required 3 coats of varnish. And he did it as a suprise for us all.

From Above

Previously it was a plain white chair that was a bit tired. Master 4 loves buses and maps so he is WELL pleased. So am I.

From the Front

The chair only cost $1 so it wasn’t an expensive project!

Back View

I also made some felt brooches last night. One for a gift the others to be put in the Christmas present box. Deb has a Christmas present a week challenge going on her blog that I want to get involved in – but then some of you will know what you are getting for Christmas! These brooches will be for my girly friends but I need to make another 10 or so. From here on I’ll try to photograph subtle elements of the gifts. Not sure I’ll complete one a week but every bit helps!

Christmas Gift Brooches

5 responses

  1. I love the chair – great idea…
    Did you know you can knit felted flowers and leaves and then felt them – for brooches they are very cute…



  2. What a great idea for the chair! My Bug loves maps too, and trains. I’ve joined the Present a week challenge too, see you there!

  3. godzoned (Debbie) | Reply

    fab chair project!

  4. I love the chair too. I saw it in real life before seeing it here because I am so behind with the computer! Great idea and great finished project.

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