A Global Palate

56/100 complete

I’m a bit of a menu planner. Each week I write-up what will be for dinner each night and then we use the list to shop with. It is a very ‘Sophie Gray’ kind of concept but the biggest payback for me is that I don’t face very morning with the dreaded question – What will I make for tea tonight? and if anyone wants to ask it I have an answer without feeling like shouting at them.

Today I was looking at our plan for the week and I realised we’re being very global this week. Last night: Risotto – Italy, Tonight: Butter Chicken Soup – India, Weds: Tortillas – Mexican, Thurs: Roasted Vegetables and Couscous – Mediterranean, Friday: Meatloaf – English I guess, Sat: Stirfry – Asian and Sunday: Sushi – Japanese. Quite balanced don’t you think?

Food is a big topic in our house. We like food and we have pretty varied tastes from all cultures and all levels of the food snobbery ladder (even right at the bottom I have to confess!)

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