This Is What I Did..

56/100 complete 

I started with a random pile of bits and pieces. 

The Starting Pile


You might remember Master 4 got a superman suit a while ago for his birthday. These friends have 2 birthdays coming up so I thought we would respond in kind. 

With costumes. 

The Final Products


So there is a big blue one for Miss Will-Be 4 and a smaller pink one for Miss Will-Be 2. The tops to match are drying. 

For the Birthday Girls


Then I made 2 little wee baby ones. We have 5 births we are looking forward to between now and February and some of them WILL be PINK flavoured! 

Little Wee Ones


How adorable will these look? 

I got the idea of making pom-pom tutus from a blog I read recently – if I find it again I will credit the author! I made mine with fairy net and threw in some pom-poms and felt hearts and flowers. In the baby ones I used satin bows. 

Little Baby Ones


4 responses

  1. These are utterly adorable. I might get you to make one next year for your step niece. Keep up the creativity. You are very clever.

  2. I think these are absolutely too cute for words. Might have to get my sewing machine out for some Christmas present making – You are inspiring. Thanks

  3. Dear Aunty Miriam, I love those skirts, they look very cute! Love Annie-Rose xxxx

  4. Those skirts are fab….I reckon you’ll have lots of Xmas orders for those!!

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