Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

57/100 complete 

When I made Lolly Cake recently my friend Deb commented how much she loved it but she didn’t make it because she ate it all. I stored this information away and today I completed Challenge 28 – to make a friend’s favourite cake and give it to them. 

Challenge 28


I’m not sure this is actually her favourite and cake purists may contest I have interpreted the world cake too liberally but thankfully for me it’s my blog so I make the rules! 

In the bag I have cut them into little slices and enough for ‘mama only, no family sharing’! 

The pompom skirts were a big success with my boys. Master 4 said, ‘I think this is too big for J. We should keep this one for us. I like skirts.’ Bless him. I let him test it out this morning. 

Checking Out the Workmanship

I love these skirts actually – maybe I should start making them for commissions! 


Friendly crafting tonight. Hopefully Deb doesn’t read my blog before she comes!


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  1. This is so cute. Go Master 4!!

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