My Little Men

57/100 complete

On Friday’s Master 4 has ‘show and tell’ at Kindy. Today he decided he wanted to tell everyone about his brother. So Master 1 was show and tell. Bless them, they are cute.

The Rainy View over Christchurch

During kindy Master 1 and I took a rainy trip up the gondola.

Looking for Sheep

He was so sweet watching. It is special to take adventures together.


I spent the afternoon dying wool for a very special and long-term project I am completing with a friend.

Dyed Wool

The little tops to go with the pompom skirts are done.

The Tops

My little boys are preparing for a grand adventure next week.

Looking Stylish

Time for a family holiday so next week will be quiet here.

'I Say Raaaa'

I think they look prepared.


Today I also got a $20 pumpkin patch voucher for sharing some baby tips with a website called Baby Jam. Nice! Love that compulsory shopping incentive.

He Is Ready


4 responses

  1. Rebecca Ansley | Reply

    Your boys are gorgeous & growing up soooo fast! Thanks for sharing you special moments & picks! Have a fabulous holiday x x x

  2. Georgous photos of my georgous grandies.


  3. Thanks Ladies. Your comments always make me feel so special! x

  4. Shouldn’t gondola be spelt loll-il-la?

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