Cafe Loving

60/100 complete

Christchurch Cathedral

Today I completed 3 challenges.

I bought a coffee for someone I didn’t know – Challenge 51. It felt a little weird but in a good way. I think she was pretty pleased too. It is nice to have fun suprising someone with a kind act.

Then with my coffee and crafting group we toasted the week just been and things that had made us smile. Challenge 34. This was great thing to do because it made us think and it made us share with each other. These are things we need to do more.

To The Week That Was

Finally I left a note on my serviette for the lovely staff at the Addington Coffee Co-op. Challenge  17.


As well as all this Master 4, Master 1 and Daddy and I had a lovely morning in the city, riding the tram, visiting the art gallery and watching a fire eating busker in the arts centre.

The Ones I Love

It is always a treat to be out with my boys. Then I had a blissful hour in the library reading fashion and couture books that are ‘not for loan’.

Enjoying Public Artworks

Tonight I am baking for our holiday and making a meal for a family who needs some love.


Today was a gift.

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  1. Wow you achieved so much in that one day. I admire people that spend time out and about with their kids for their family’s sake. Well done. Can you please email me the “ones I love” and “exploring” photos? Ta.

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