Did You Miss Me?

63/100 complete

It has been a long time but we’ve been having fun!

The View From Our Unit

We have spent the last 5 days in Tekapo in the South Island of NZ enjoying blissful views of mountains

Winter Water Fun



which gave us entertainment


and the beautiful, tiny ‘Church of the Good Shepard’.

Mountain Reflection In Church Window

The time away from ‘civilisation’ was a beautiful chance to recharge for what will be a busy August.

The Church of the Good Shephard

It was a time to laugh

Daddy and Master 1 Take to the Ice

A time to share with friends.

All Ready for Ice Skating

A time to ice-skate and hot pool, toboggan and throw snowballs.

Mama and Master 4 on the Ice

Now we are home. The house is a tip and I need to tidy and yet here I am blogging!

Toboggan Fun at Roundhill Ski Field

Before I left I completed 2 Challenges – the hidden origami crane – Challenge 92 and an hour in silence Challenge 49.


While we were away I watched the sunrise with my 3 favourite men in all the world. Challenge 18.

The Moon Was Up

It was a special time.

The Sun Rose

I love my boys

The View From the Skifield

But all the fun did mean Grandma’s present is getting sent late! Sorry Grandma – we DO love you!

Fitting the Skis

After 1 lesson over a year ago Master 4 had a go at skiing without a lesson. We were so proud.

My 3 Men

We all enjoyed ourselves – most of the time! Some of us had to be very brave at trying new things.

A Boy in the Snow

But we persevered!


2 responses

  1. Great photos. Sorry I didn’t miss you as I was away in Welli! But I am sure I would have… 😀

  2. What a wonderful fun time. Can I please have “boy in the snow” too please? Very cute. Well done everyone who was brave. That takes courage.

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