If Love Is Measured in Calories and Chocolate

64/100 complete

Then we must really, REALLY  love our special family members home from Korea.

We Are Baking for You

We made very chocolate-y cake and covered with chocolate fish – a famous kiwi icon.

Chocolate Overload Cake

We had fun making a cake and waving our balloons at the airport. (I cleaned our faces first!)

I Stirred the Mixture

And we had A LOT of fun eating the cake too.

I Tasted the Mixture!


3 responses

  1. godzoned (Debbie) | Reply

    love that cake!
    bake one for me!
    great photos too. lol

  2. Thanks for going the extra mile to make a gluten free cake. It was well enjoyed for some days after that one. The balloons were also much appreciated. We felt very welcome.

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