Project Therapy

66/100 complete

Yesterday I completed Challenge 22 – to teach a friend a new craft. My lovely friend Rachel is recuperating from an op and it was  the perfect time for her to start some needle felting and quilting.

So we have been working together and she is creating 3 very special and personal masterpieces and I have been part of making that happen.

A bit of the Progress

It is funny how sharing a hobby can also be significant to someone. Sometimes wise words and fixing aren’t actually needed. Sometimes company and a shared idea and excitement can be a gift to someone too.

Master 4 likes pikelets

Master 1 enjoyed making mess and playing in her kitchen sink to warm his hands.


We all enjoyed eating pikelets together.

He Mahana te Wai

I am right in the midst of a crazy August and I have visions of blossoms that seem to be never-ending and never enough. Hopefully the deadline will be met – here is a sneaky peak.

The Blossoms

In the bright blue sky we let 2 balloons go sailing away. They went up and up and up – after a moment of being stuck in a tree!

Balloon In A Tree

We hope they sail like a happy thought to someone who needs them.

Can You See It?


One response

  1. I totally agree with the statement that sharing an idea and doing a project with someone can be as healing as wise words & deep and meaningfuls. I have a friend whom I scrapbook with often and it’s amazing how much better I feel afterwards! Thank you for the kind words on my blog. I have taken the word “vulnerable” to heart – I really need to practise being vulnerable and knowing it’s okay to ask for help. Vulnerable can be a positive thing! Thanks for the reminder. =)

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