Is Good Taste Genetic?

67/100 complete

If it is then I must have good taste.

I mean really, I like my taste obviously but I have 2 sisters who have great taste in everything –  also including presents! I have this family who have style and creativity and cleverness in bucketloads…it is a lovely circle to be part of.

My Polish Russian Dolls

I always thought my mum was the most beautiful and loveliest of all the mums and though our tastes are certainly different – think minimalism/monastic looking versus say Dr Seuss –  I do think her taste is great.

Kitchen Picnic

Sister 1 is always at least 1 season ahead of what is happening in the fashion world


and sister 2 wears hats and scarves like they were invented for her (sadly I don’t work either well!)


So, so long as I don’t count Dad in the good taste is genetic theory I am onto a winner. I do love my Dad but stubbies are really not tasteful on anyone – although I guess he is a farmer!!! But he is very creative and that is something I value very much.

Tasty Apple

And along with these there is Step-Dad, Step-Mum, Brothers and Partners and In Laws, relations and ancestors, friends. And best of all husband and sons. A life filled with inspiring and beautiful people.

Past and Present


I love our house it is a haven of laughter and full of great memories with friends and family.

The Start of Another Collection?

When I look around there are lots of things that make me smile. We are hoping to sell our house and I hope the next people in it have as much happiness as we have here.

Master 4 Reads to Master 1

I completed Challenge 67 – read my all-time Bible favourite Isaiah. So many lovely verses here’s one for today – Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget I will not forget you! See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are ever before me. 43v15-16

The Stained Glass Window I Made

5 responses

  1. wow I love that stained glass window!
    how/where did you make that?
    and your house looks pretty styley to me. Lovin the photo wall, especially the nurse pic. so cool!

  2. oh and I almost forgot about the russian dolls…HEART!

  3. Well personally, I think this post was just an outright solicitation for comments and as the internet is down at Mum and Abi’s I thought I’d better come through.
    The answer is YES – good taste is genetic! 😉

  4. Georgous photos and yeyou do have good taste!

  5. Very lovely esp the boys reading to each other…but can mum’s taste REALLY be described as monasitic? Help me out here, is it just me?

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