This is the Way We Do It

67/100 complete

In our family there were originally 3 girls. Somehow we came up with a choosing system that we love.

When we get something special – like a bag of Gran’s old scarves we spread everything out and then we go around the circle picking one each until they are all shared.

I guess other people do a similar thing. But we don’t just like our system we like the sense of occasion it brings.

We watch what others pick. We talk.

Today Sister 1 was going through her jewellery and culling. (It comes from our Gran we are a bit magpie-ish). So, we used the system and here is my haul.

'New' Jewellry

This was my first pick. Originally I thought it should say ‘I Love’ and then something. However, as I have thought about this I have decided ‘I Love’ is perfect for me. I do love and loving is what makes my life full of beauty and charm and delight. It is love that gives me joy and meaning. It is love that really matters – everything else is a bonus. Love started the universe and Love will bring us into eternity. Love is everything. ‘I Love’ and because ‘I LOVE’ I am me.

I Love - do you?

And this is the one Master 4 and I are sharing because he chose it and we both like it!

We Will Share


3 responses

  1. Debbie Apostolides | Reply

    Yes, you do love, and you are loved for it x

  2. Great haul.

    The necklace suits you well.
    Mum xx

  3. I think we need to create a name for our patented picking method. Ideas? Suggestions?

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