In Sickness and In Health

68/100 complete

Only the sickness part isn’t as much fun! Apart from lovely husband we’ve all had the lurge of some kind or another and it’s not fun!

I thinking I am slowly popping back up…. Not as fast as I’d like but I guess I need to learn about rest.

And celebrating generally good health

So in the midst of what feels a totally UNproductive week I have baked.

Lemon Curd Surprise Muffins (no surprise really!)

Fruit Salad Muffins – Master 4 requested these. Would never have happened other wise! Fruit Salad is not okay in my books – it’s not a dessert anymore than a spinach smoothie is a treat – people have you not heard of chocolate????? And the tinned stuff should be banned, although Master 4 might be sad about that…

Muffins Please

Jaffa Brownies for lovely husband and his friends on their charity poker boys night. Which was too goey and after fixing was rock hard…Lucky they’re easy to please!

The Brownie

And Cranberry Muesli Bars for next weeks tins.

Cranberry Bars

So something happened. Tonight some sewing I hope. I have a gift to make before next weekend….

Roasted Peanuts

Oh and I dry roasted some peanuts which I made a fudgey slice from, some peanut brownies and some nut and fruit biscuits and nuts for snacking. But that was last week and I forgot to take photos. That’s a bit what life is like at the moment round here.


3 responses

  1. That cranberry muesli is delicious. It all looks great though!

  2. Hope you are feeling better now. Sorry the roasted nuts weren’t as many as when you first made them. My fault!!

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