What Do You See?

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The advantages of searching around in blogland is the cool ideas you find. A blog I enjoy called Juggling Motherhood had an idea we tried today.


We played ‘Spot the Difference’ as a family. One family member stood in front of the others and we talked about what they had on – watch, jersey, socks etc then they left and changed one thing and returned and we had to work out what it was.

We had so much fun sitting on the couch together and laughing. At one point Master 4 jumped on my knee and gave me a huge hug and said ‘I love you mummy. Thank you for playing spot the difference with me.’ He is so edible!

As the game went on Master 4 and Master 1 decided to help Daddy and Mummy when it was their turn. Things got rather hilarious especially when one family member came out in their undies!

What has made you laugh today?

3 responses

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! Keep the laughter rolling.

  2. Nice cropping on the photo. Naomi and I had a chuckle about how many people may order butter chicken at the Indian restaurant we were eating.

  3. What a lovely fun time you had. Wish I was there.

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