Here Is The Love

70/100 complete

New Life

It feels such a long time since I’ve blogged or even had time to read a blog. Life has been a little busy. It’s still pretty busy actually but I need to make sure the challenges are getting done!

Out in the garden the daffodils are springing to life. They herald the dawn of spring and they fragrance our home with hope of new things.


The other day I completed Challenge 66 – to write down favourite sayings. I’m a bit of a word collector so I tried to keep it all under control and select some top ones.

I’ll include a couple in the next few posts.

I also have a new love in my kitchen. Something I have wanted for a while and finally found at the reasonable cost.

A heart-shaped cake tin so now I can really show people some calorie loving!

My Cake Tin

I also gave my dear friend Deb some rhubarb from our garden which means I can tick off Challenge 43.

Master 1 is getting a bit of toilet time at the moment and we sing the ‘toilet song’ while he is up there. This morning I laughed as he sang his version ‘Wee, wee, wee, wee, Hooray’….

Enjoying Sunshine

I’ve got some catching up to do but there should be a giveaway up VERY soon!

Let The Sun Shine In

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