Parenting, Parenting, Parenting and a Giveaway!

Hi and welcome if you’re new here I’m a mama on a journey to complete 100 challenges in 1 year with the aim being to be more creative and more intentional about the way I live.

During the year I’ve joined with the lovely crowd at kiwimummyblogs and as part of this I have on opportunity to do a giveaway! Love the giveaway action!

This giveaway is for the parenting book ‘Oh Grow Up’ by Kathy Fray.

The Book

As I see it there are 2 parenting styles the salmons and the apples. The salmon-like parent chooses to swim upstream ignoring the flow of the majority. Making the tough choices, gasping for air and really LIVING life. Salmons know the direction they are going in and they set themselves determinedly (if that is a word!) to achieve their course.

Apple parents are like an apple-bobbing barrel. They float around next to everyone else and don’t try too hard to experience the highs and lows of parenting. Everything is average and as soon as a new idea plops in the barrel they all splosh about a bit then go back to what they were doing before. Apple parenting is easier probably, not as many hard decisions to make just a lot of doing what everyone else is doing. Apples don’t have to make decisions for their children they just do what everyone else is doing.

I think Kathy Fray would be a salmon in this analogy. Her book is very comprehensive. It’s not just about parenting styles and getting your offspring to turn into healthy, contributing adults it’s about everything. It’s a bit like having a readily accessible experienced (and opinionated) parent who has a large dose of nutritional and health background and a generous swig of hippy (and I mean this as a compliment) thrown in for good measure.

Although our spiritual ideals and ideas are somewhat different in places I really like that she treats a child as body (lots of health, food, alternative medicines), soul (parenting with strength and love, building relationships) and spirit (values/morals, the fourth dimension, eternal). Many great parenting books are pretty much all soul, which is fine and necessary but we are people with a physical body and, most important to me, a spirit.

This book is written in such a way it’s easy to dip in and out to see what applies. I’m an avid reader of parenting books and I’d be surprised if there wasn’t at least some element that was new to readers in this book. It’s comprehensiveness can make it slow going in parts if you try to plough through in a cover to cover manner. That said Kathy’s writing style is easy to follow and pretty relaxed, be prepared for a few expletives. The book covers toddlers to teens but the food and medical stuff is relevant to anyone.

I was really pleased to have the opportunity to read and review this book. It has certainly challenged me even more about the way I feed and medicate my children – although I like to think I’m pretty hippy myself. She’s not a PC ‘everything you choose is okay’ type which I love. I think as parents we all need to be more salmon and less apple in order to help our children grow up to become strong, loving and whole adults who will be healthy in body, soul and spirit.

So…. here’s your chance to own a copy or win one for a parent you know. Simply leave a comment here with 1 word you think describes a ‘good’ parent. (Obviously there are lots of words, choose one you like!)

If you want another entry simply blog about this giveaway with a link for others to enter (let’s share the love). Then leave a second comment.

NZ entries only sorry – the postage can get out of control! Entries open until the end of the month. I’ll draw the winner on Oct 1st.

Good Luck to you all. If there are lots of comments I probably won’t respond to you all individually but please be assured I LOVE reading your comments. x

36 responses

  1. My word is… stimulating! as in you can’t stagnate if you are a parent, particularly if you keep having children!

  2. Ok I have to be in quick because my word is… loving .
    Unconditional, pure, timeless love because you can’t be a good parent without it.

  3. I’m a toolboox facilitator for Parents Inc so the word that swims around my head all day is “backbone”. A parenting style to aim for 🙂

  4. Widge – I am a facilitator as well and that is the word that came to my head….Hmmm now I have to think of another one 🙂
    I think a good parent is……… encouraging

  5. My word is – inspiring. I would love to know that the way I live my life will inspire my daughter to do amazing things! 🙂 But you are right there are lots of words to describe a good parent 🙂 Cool giveaway too!

  6. My word is “unconditional”. Loving and responding to my kid no matter what the circumstance. (is particularly relevant now, as her night-time needs increase due to separation anxiety!)

  7. “Present” (not as in gifts but actually there and involved).

  8. Attentive. You have to really be there for your children mentally and phsically.

  9. /I put a link up on facebook. great blog

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  11. I’ve been thinking about this all night but all the words I came up with have already been used – patient, present, attentive, encouraging so I’m going to add tolerant 🙂 you have to be to put up with the incessant chatter 🙂

  12. ‘Imaginative’ – creative play keeping the magic alive.. I still like to think there’re fairies kicking around in the backyard when I’m not looking & I’d like my lil girl to think the same (she’s a bit small for thinking these things yet)

  13. Heaps of good words already! One word is hard! I choose creative. As in coming up with lots of different ways to deal with situations, problems etc.

  14. Security – when we can create this for/in our children it’s much easier for them to go out into the world to really find who they are.

    One word – makes you think!

  15. flexibility

  16. Sounds like a great read. The word that springs to mind for me is ‘intuitive’.

    Thanks for a great review, Sarah

  17. I’ve just shared on Facebook and will Twitter now too 🙂

  18. Great words!. Mine is “Active” not just physically but in listening, observing and responding to what is going on in your and your children’s world. Too often I have witnessed parents expecting others to pick up the slack in their parenting roles. Being a parent is a full time job and if you want great children/young adults you need to do the hard yards.

  19. Hi
    I would say advocate
    I have a son with learning difficulties so I have had to be his advocate over the years
    accessing the help hes needed

    in the general sense I think we all stand up for our children when we need to
    I know I have for both my boys

  20. “Silly” is my word (some others were taken); I think one of the bonuses of being a parent is we get to revisit our childhood and don’t the kids just love it when we are silly? Nothing better than a dressup dinner or party.

  21. My word is…warm. You can be warm and loving without having to be a push-over. Firm, but firm with warmth. I believe kids need to sense your bond, even when you are at odds. Great giveaway!!! x

  22. Mine would be ‘calm’…. I am a single parent, and particularly with my [almost] 4 year old, I find that being calm is sooooooooo important!

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  24. Childlike…. able to play on their level, with a wonderful imagination

  25. My word – “humour” : ) figure that’s got to be important!

  26. Well I don’t have children but in 2.5 months i will. I guess my word is based on what my mother was and is for me……super positive and loving…mmmm…two words – sorry!

  27. My Mum is staying over for the night and I have just asked her for a word and she said ‘forever’.

  28. Nurturing

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  30. My word is “healthy!” It applies to so many aspects of partenting. Healthy diet; help to develop healthy self-image, create a healthy atmosphere. The list just goes on…

  31. Confident! Strong self esteem and self awareness.

  32. My word is “there”

    as a parent you have to be “there” always and forever

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