On The Washing Line

70/100 complete

In the Breeze

Yesterday was windy and sunny. Just the right kind of weather for drying scarves. These scarves are destined for the dancing box at music group. Yes it does seem a little tragic that all these lovely scarves are just for our music group but nowhere near as bad as the fact that it cost about half what it would to buy the same number of boring chiffon squares for dancing, new.


So for the grand total of $35 we have 23 new scarves. Which I think is pretty good instead of 18 scarves for $58!

Lovely New Scarves

Last weekend I made a relaxing brown rice eye mask for a gift for women’s camp. The idea comes from the Crafty Minx book. You heat it up in the oven or cool it in the fridge and it has relaxing herbs in it too. I should really make myself one.

Eye Pillow

I may have also purchased some more vintage sheets. Here they are in various states of getting clean.

2 of These = 1 for Deb

Tonight it is felt making and some baby gifts to put together too. Busy, busy I have a project that HAS to be finished and in the post next Friday – maybe then I’ll have a bit more time…. Perhaps!

Soft Wincy Pink

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway if you haven’t yet!

Love, Love, Love!


2 responses

  1. I quite often spy out some beauty vintage scarves at our music group! quite tempted to take some newer ones in and offer a swapsies 😉

  2. Oh I totally would! That is just the kind of thing I would do!

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