So Grateful

70/100 complete

4.35am 7.1 on the Richter scale a rough night – no power, no water.

We are safe. Our house is totally fine.

The baking tins are full.

The Heart cake for the baby shower I was SUPPOSED to go to will make a lovely dessert.

The Heart Cake

We had water in the freezer and we have plenty of bin liners for our lidded bucket so we can ‘go’ in the bin!

Thankful for boys who own torches that all had batteries, candles, matches.

My Little Men

Things have been very un-usual here  but we are together and we thank God for a quake at 4.35am when almost everyone is with their loved ones.


I am thankful for a 4 year-old with a sense of humour who set the table with chopsticks and a 1-year-old who tried to use them. For Daddy’s ipod.


Although you would think after 32 years I would master the art of outdoor peeing – what can I say I wasn’t desinged for ‘roughing it’!


May we all always have something to be grateful for.

Simple Pleasure

6 responses

  1. Thankful to God we are all safe and whole- that our homes are in one piece with minimum damage. Still feeling rough aftershocks- may it stay safe for all.

  2. A simple way to make a really cute decoration – love it!

  3. Glad to hear you are all ok. Hope things return to some kind of “normal” soon. xxxxxx

  4. Thank goodness youa re all ok. I tried to email you on your other email but it came back. Wow! How clever to have water in the freezer.

    Give my love to Claudia and Zan

    Debbie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Thank you all. We have much to thank God for. x

  6. I LOVE how you decorated that cake. Great idea. As you can see I haven’t been on here for AGES!!!!!!!! Which means I missed out on the book giveaway. Great book review…have you ever considered freelancing for a mag?

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