City of Contrasts

70/100 complete


Down the road there are houses that will never be lived in again.

Still Brothers Together

Our house is perfect.

My Lovelies

There are parks that look like they have been ripped like old cloth.

Little Boy Playing

QE2 cricket pitch was pristine.

Getting On

This is the weird part. Some of us almost unaffected – some lives totally upside down.

We're Having Fun

So we pray and think of ways to support and love those who need it.

My Reason for Smiling

And we celebrate moments of enjoying life together because at the end of the day this is what gives us meaning and identity.

At the Top

Today we gave home baking, a new book, board game and homemade toy to a family who is currently without a home.

Sunshine, Grass, Family

Because feeling cared for is very important when your world is tough.

More Damage

2 responses

  1. It really is bizarre how people so close in proximity can come through the experience in such different ways. I’m glad to hear you and the family came through unscathed.

    Your make it give it challenge for this year couldn’t have been better timed – I think there may be a lot of people who will be happy to receive your lovely makes.

  2. That was a really nice post Miriam.

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