Let Me Entertain You

71/100 complete

Master 1

Today I completed Challenge 13– to take flowers from the garden to a friend.

Mama's Entertainers

This afternoon I was gloriously entertained by 2 little people.

Once Upon A Time

We have this theatre-land set and let me tell you the stories are much more entertaining than the characters would suggest.

Just Through Here

Master 1 managed to introduce a car to his turn.


It was a very pleasant way to spend the afternoon as all usual activities are currently suspended.

My Storyteller

It is great fun watching the boys imaginations grow and develop and at least it gives me something to write about in the lack of creative activity.


I did make a very little baby gift last night. He has 2 taggy ears and will hopefully be a nice thing to chew on and snuggle into. All hand sewn.

Baby Gift

I also made some more of the never-ending blossoms for the project that I hope to finish and send next week. I know a lot of crafters constantly have a number of projects on the go but being such a bad finisher if I started down that route I’d never finish anything. So instead I am in creative limbo until I finish this current project.


And this afternoon I made a spiced apple cake for a family that needs something good to come their way.

Make Me Smile


4 responses

  1. It’s so nice to read your blog with all of this madness and drama going on, and to see photos of my two gorgeous nephews whom I miss and look forward to seeing soon. Love all four of you to bits 😀

  2. I love love love that last photo, it’s so cute.

  3. Love the photos. They all look so cute. Especially love thoughtful photo of number 2 son at start of blog.
    What georgous grandchildren I have.

  4. can you please email me the ‘my story teller’ photo? theyre all very cute, but that one takes the cake. Reading your blog makes me think your life is much more fufilling and meaningful than mine!!!

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