72/100 complete

Today I have made tortillas

For Dipping with Salsa

Put together Mexican spice sachets for our guests to take home

'Party Favours'

Washed dainty glasses, actually my Turkish Teacups – all the way from Turkey and their first use!

Lovely Teacups

And made an amazing Chilli Spiced Hot Chocolate that has more calories than a fast food restaurant and more kick than a donkey with PMS! Seriously spicy, I am going to serve it with cream on the side. Currently keeping warm in the croc pot – who would have thought!??


I’m not really decorating but I am looking forward to an evening of eating Mexican food and laughing with friends.

Spice Mix

The house is clean and 2 sets of guests are bringing their own chairs! It’s a good thing that my aesthetic is mix-y match-y. It makes big dinner parties easier – no pressure for everything to look perfect or even match.


3 responses

  1. Wow that looks good. Can I please have a mexican party too!? But seriously I would really like to try the spiced hot chocolate!

  2. YUM! I have always wanted to try making my own tortillas!!

  3. That was an epic night! Thanks Miriam!

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