Nursery Before and After.

Yes! I have completed Challenge 10 to help a friend decorate a room.


My dear friends L and A are due a beautiful baby girl in 4 weeks and today Dad-to-be, another friend and I worked hard to complete the room while Mum-to-be was out.

Other Before View

I had already made the cot quilt.

The Toys

Some soft toys.

Bear with Mouse

Curtain tie-backs.

The Cushions

And cushions for the room.

Softness Check

Dad-to-be had already painted the room.

Ready for Baby

Today I made leaves and starched them to the wardrobe, dressing table and walls. It worked really well and meant all the fabric worked in perfectly with the colours.

Wardrobe Leaves

The boys removed and re-wired the lights and designed, cut and painted a beautiful tree.

Designer Tree

Then we vacuumed and set the room right in time for Mum-to-be’s arrival.

Dresser, Curtain Ties, Quilt and Bear

It was such fun. They are such lovely friends and it was such a treat to be part of making a little girl’s room.

The Room

74/100 complete. (Moved these to the bottom I think it makes more sense)


11 responses

  1. Georgous nursery. You are very clever and generous.

  2. Great room. especially the tree!

  3. Wow – I love it. What a lovely friend you are, and so talented. I have a little girl who is still in our room but I will be doing her room soon and now have some great ideas – thanks!

  4. Nice work! I love the toys esp!

  5. And more importantly what was Mummy-to-be’s reaction???

  6. What a delightful room for Baby’s arrival. Such imagination and creativity involved and the group effort was was so great! I hope mummy to be was pleased to have such a lovely surprise. Well done.

  7. The room looks lovely, I’m sure she must have been so pleased!

  8. Me too I LOVE the toys. Awesome.

  9. there are many options for baby gifts, but i prefer to give them thsoe cute adorable stuff toys~.:

  10. i love baby gifts and i love to give baby gifts to my baby and also the my sister’s baby ,’,

  11. What a great job! did you do it all by yourself? this is really creative, I loved the stuffed toys!

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