Baking Days

The Saturday baking mission is well underway:


There is Cranberry and White Chocolate Mini-Muffins


Chocolate Slice with Chocolate and Peppermint Icing

Chocolate and Peppermint

Crunchy Caramel Slice

Caramel Stack

Bumble Bees

Little Yummies

Carrot Cake – yet to be iced

Cake In Progress

So I am making progress. Only 2 other things to be made.

Ready For Art

Master 4 and I also made a double batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies – it seemed unfair to have so much baking that we couldn’t eat!


We all did some art today – dipping and dying with food colouring and paper towels and Master 4 also did some painting.

Dying with Papertowels

75/100 complete

Art Drying

5 responses

  1. My word there is going to be much more sweet than savory fare! All looks very yummy.xx

  2. wow that is a huge baking effort! well done

  3. What, no recipes???? Arghhh! Everything looks delish, and I’m starving!

  4. How do you get the food colouring off their fingers????

    1. I dilute it so it isn’t so strong and I find wet wipes are pretty good. Other than that it just wears off!!

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