Making Progress

It feels like I am slowly making some progress on getting some things ticked off the long list that I have.

I completed the market inspiration Challenge 19 which I really enjoyed.


The sun shone and I tried to focus on not just the visual elements of what I saw but the sounds and smells as well.

Christchurch Trees

I also discovered a new op-shop thanks to my tourist travelling companion!

And a little fabric browsing is always fun too.

All the food came together beautifully on Saturday including the Maple Syrup Chocolate Brownies and the Mini Lemon Meringue Pies.

Lemony Love

It was a great day to celebrate with people I love.

Sweet Treats

I also have another contribution for Deb’s great Present a Week Challenge until Christmas. I made a couple of these up-cycled bags from vintage sheets and woollen bits and pieces. I am really pleased with them. One is somebody’s Christmas present but I won’t say whose. 1 down many to go!

Little Bag

Great Aunty Leslie and lovely friend Esther also gave me fabric this weekend. Dear husband rolled his eyes and I’m sure we both renewed our mutual prayer for a sewing room!

More Treats

So things tick slowly along. In my mind at the moment is the commitment to make a couple of squares for Deb’s earthquake quilts and we need to finish our boxes for Operation Christmas Child – easily one of my very favourite Christmas charities. If you are looking for an opportunity to make a huge difference to an individual child this year check it out.

A Happy Table

At the moment with the coughs and hayfevers we feel a bit like this:


BUT we have now SOLD our house – hooray and to lovely people who I am sure will love it just like we have! Now we just have to find somewhere to live – with a SEWING ROOM! So really we still have a lot of this feeling too:


76/100 complete

5 responses

  1. The table looked lovely and the food all tasted magnificent. Thank you for all your hard work. You are a star.

  2. Yay – congrats on selling the house! Hope you find something just perfect for you all. Also, that food looks scrummy! xx

  3. Your blog is sooo inspiring – I love it! And your boys are adorable! Thanks so much for posting the recipes, especially for me! I have all the ingredients to make Joyce’s Chocolate Slices, so that’s what I plan to do tonight! Oh, and is golden syrup what we would call pancake syrup? (Just checking). Your vintage/woolen bag is lovely!

  4. I love your bag, nice work! I’ve just popped over from Deb’s Present a Week post. Good luck with finding the sewing room (and the house too lol!)

  5. Thanks for the delicious baking!

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