Treasure Pleasure


I have just spent 2 glorious days with my dear friend Deb driving to and from Alexandra for the blossom festival.

Little Books

We stayed with the delightful Graeme and Audrey at their B&B which was so wonderful and restful. And the breakfast was AWESOME.

Course 1

We shopped our way down the country.

Bear for Master 1

And we shopped our way back up.

New Casserole

We found lovely places to eat.


We were inspired by the creations of others.

Lovely Old Sheets

We missed our gorgeous families but we re-charged and personally I think I probably need some energy stores for the next few weeks/months on the house journey.

Little Jugs

It was such a treat.

Typical Road

And there were buttons.


And jugs.

Little Treasure

And sights to enjoy.

Beautiful Tree at the B&B

And at the end of it all I came home to my lovely collection of boys – can there be a better thing?

Sweet Fabric

And that isn’t even all of it…more another day!


One response

  1. looks like such fun!! Love that little blue gravy jug!!!! GORGEOUS

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