Wool Therapy

I can finally show you the picture of our entry into Wool On – part of the Alexandra blossom festival.

Blossom Dress

We were very pleased with our efforts and even more pleased to have them sent in finally!


Isn’t Deb’s knitted bikini a thing of beauty – can’t say I’d want to test it in the water though!

The Bikini

On Thursday the boys and I completed Challenge 78 – to send a picture puzzle to someone special and hopefully they will receive it soon. Note Master 4 in the singlet he dyed while we were dying the bikini wool.

checking the Puzzle

We also had some more fun picking up fabric samples and other treasures at Creative Junk together.


Now I move into mad packing mode as we prepare to leave our lovely home to some new people in 2 weeks time.

And I pray for a door to open (preferably a front door to a new home)!


77/100 complete


2 responses

  1. You ladies should be proud of your creative efforts….I have to admit the photos pf your entries made me smile!!

  2. Do you come with the wollen bikini? 😀

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