Changing Faces

Boys will be boys and in my opinion there is a whole lot of difference happening there – no matter what anyone says. For example the other day Master Nearly 2 was making noises and saying ‘burp’ and ‘try burp’.

So irresistible

Yes my 1-year-old is fake burping and NO just in case you were wondering he hasn’t and that delightful skill modelled to him.

Working It

Tonight we had a lot of fun watching the antics unfold during shower time. He is an absolute crazy delight.

Are You Watching Me?

Over the last few days I have been sorting fabrics and making decisions about what I must have with me in case we have to have an interim plan for our living arrangements. I think I’ve done pretty well considering I’ve got it down to 2 boxes.

Spring Tree

Instead of waiting for my new sewing room to do the creative space challenge 61 I have decided that really I do have a creative space and have had all year. 2 little cupboards under our massive bookshelf house all my (ahem) some of my creative bits and pieces. For the last long while the garage has kindly hosted the rest.

Creative Cupboard

Truth is though I have really appreciated these little spaces because everything has been so handy.

Latest Button Buys

So despite their humble looks this is my creative space, my little corner of happiness in my lovely home.

Bird Buttons

I am enjoying the treasures I picked up this weekend before I have to pack them up!!

Lovelies from the Weekend

And tonight as well as talking property (currently one of my favourite topics)with my man I plan to make a couple of squares for Deb’s earthquake quilts.


78/100 complete


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