Red and Blue

In Oamaru

My friend Deb is asking people to make red and blue 12 inch squares for some quilts she is planning to make for people who have lost homes in the earthquake – isn’t she lovely?

I am counting this as my help a charity Challenge 14 – I am also doing this later in the year too but I need to see the numbers going up!

1st Square

Last night I managed to make 2 which I’m reasonably pleased with. It’s always a bit scary doing something like this when you aren’t a perfect measurer. I figure they’re a tiny bit big but then they can be trimmed down. I hope they are up to standard. If I get some more time I’ll do some more.

2nd Square

Apart from that I’m snatching moments to pack the house and hoping the library find the book I KNOW I returned. I don’t mind paying fines when I have lost or forgotten but when you definitely put it in the returns – well anyway enough said!

With a kindy change in a couple of weeks I also have a present to make for kindy.

Today I’m looking for a balance between the things I must do (packing, boring) and the things I need to (or is that want to?) do oh and perhaps some parenting too.

Sophie’s Salmon Flan in the oven from my new recipe book. I’ve also made Pad Thai, Italian Beef Bake and Maharaja Pies so I think that justifies a new recipe book.

Small Town NZ

79/100 complete


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  1. Your blocks look great! I meant to do so some, too, so thanks so much for the reminder! Gotta get to it!

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