There is a Limit

…of how much one family can take and we have reached it. It is time for a new can opener. Lovely (and patient) husband’s limit was a while ago but I have battled on stubbornly until tonight it took me longer to open the can of condensed milk I needed for a recipe, than it did to make the cake!

On a brighter note today a friend took master 1 on an adventure so I could make a dent in the packing of the house. So much easier without my gorgeous and totally adorable helper on the other end of the packing tape.

And another friend rang to say she is coming over to help me clean next week. Cleaning is not my forte – assistance oh so gratefully received.

Lovely Peacock Card

Also I completed Challenge 58 – to buy some inspiring cards. I made my first ever felt purchase.

Heart, Heart

Felt is a website where very talented kiwis sell an amazing array of handmade goodness. I found out about cloudnine on the lovely widgetlucy’s blog. So I have 2 cards that are 1. lovely, 2. handmade, 3. local. How can they not be inspiring?

In the afternoon we enjoyed another tram ride – love that season pass. We have well and truly made our money on that purchase. Still a bit wary of the gondola might wait for a bit longer until the aftershocks settle down again.


The house is tediously messy! Packing is so boring, although browsing through all my things as I pack is lovely.

View From the Tram

2 boys sleeping. Master almost-2 seems to have decided that day sleeps are for girls – I plan to win this battle. He got out of the cot yesterday during an effort to not sleep. He was rather surprised by himself and most unimpressed when I arrived to put him back to bed.

Little Tired Boy


3 responses

  1. Thank you for your comment. I feel so spesh now 😉

    Those cards are totally cool.

    My sister had her wedding up at the gondola restaurant 2 weeks ago and yes it was a bit nerve racking riding the thing!!!!

  2. Ahhh packing. Watch out for the lost hour/s of staring at old photos, reading tidbits and reminiscing. We will get you a can opener for a house warming present if you don’t have one by then! 😀 My swiss army knife works great on cans! (incase you have one of those)

  3. Katie C00ke (Clark) | Reply

    Hi Miriam….is this blog/website thing all you? Is it you doing the 100 challenges….? If it is I think you are amazing and inspriational! I’m going to be following your life regularly from now on! Hope the move went ok…send my love to Zane and Claudia xxxx

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