The thing about packing in my case is that you pack things you still need!

Sleepy Baby

Today we had some exciting news that labour has begun for some very special friends. Exciting for us anyway. I can’t say I ever used the word exciting to describe my own labours!

So I decided a new mama needs biscuits for keeping her strength up only I had packed the recipe books with biscuits in them so I improvised and created my own – very simple – recipe. It was so good. New best recipe.

Mama Cookies

200g butter softened

1.5c of brown sugar

2 c of plain flour

1 tsp of baking powder

Heaps of chocolate chips!

Cream butter and sugar until fluffy. Mix in flour and balking powder (sift if you’re that kind of baker). Add the chocolate chips. Make into balls the size you like them. Flatten with a fork. Bake at about 180 degrees celsius for about 10 minutes. EAT.

I also had to do some improvising with my sewing project. It is a puppet theatre that you can hang in a doorway complete with curtains. I got the idea from the Bend the Rules sewing book, which I own and love. But as I packed the book and had nothing to work with I made up my own pattern.

Curtains Open

I am quite pleased.

One is for the boys for Christmas so I can enter it in Deb’s present a week thing.

Curtains Closed

The other is a gift for Master 4’s kindy to say thanks for taking such good care of my baby. We leave at the end of the week in anticipation of the big move. Or at least half a move to no permanent abode!

Puzzle Time

80/100 complete.


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