Handbag Hopping and Giveaway

I have to confess I am a handbag hopper. Whenever I come home with a new bag my husband always says, ‘I’m so glad you bought yourself a handbag you really need one.’ (You’ll just have to imagine the tone for yourself).

Now I have the opportunity to make all my handbag hopping a little quicker. And I get to do a giveaway too – love, love the giveaway joy!

I have been sent this very cool pouch from BorneNaked liners. The concept is simple keep the essentials, for me those things I think ‘I know I have a …..insert lost item…. in my bag’ as you rummage with growing frustration, all together.

My New Liner

This allows for the planned segregation of nice/needed items from other items such as: crushed cracker, till receipt (recently used to blow Master 4’s nose in a moment of desperation), chocolate bar wrapper, sample items picked up randomly, more crumbs, something sticky I shall not speculate about, paper, blunt lip liner, food for grumpy children, highlighter, random jewellery, various bobby pins, church notices, several pens, lippys, lipglosses, children’s clothing nappies, undies, other….

I’m sure you can relate. If not wait until you have some offspring and then your current judgement will not be so harsh!

Anyway this lovely liner has 2 side pockets which means I can also use one for a craft-on-the-go project. So I will always have something to do but don’t have to worry about stabbing myself with a needle every time I rummage.

Here is the before picture.

The Ugly Evidence

Here is my little liner with my essentials – breath mints, keys, phone, lippy of some kind, re-usable bag, pen, handcream, crafty project and wallet. (What can I say I’m pretty low maintenance! )

All Together and Easy to Locate

Here is my new less chaotic bag.

Serenity Reigns

And now when I need to handbag hop I grab the liner and transfer the love – this saves me having to have all of the above in every bag. It also saves the moment where you grab your bag from the bottom and hurl the contents onto the floor in the hopes that you will manage to locate and answer your phone before it stops ringing sometimes accompanied by wild ranting.

So if you’re loving the concept and you’d like you very own liner of loveliness leave a comment here with an essential item you won’t leave home without. Over on Kiwi Mummy Blogs there are more chances to win one if you’d like a chance.

Open to anyone living in NZ. I will draw the winner randomly on 1st of Nov.

17 responses

  1. My credit card and chapstick!

  2. An envirosax bag to limit the endless build up of plastic carrier bags around the house 🙂

  3. My Oyako Mei Tai and burp cloth.

  4. i will not leave home without deodorant spray and baby wipes! absolute essentials!

  5. lol – I will not leave the house without a spare nappy. Ever. The two times I thought I’d risk it, things were bad!

  6. my cellphone 🙂

  7. Along with the obvious cellphone/keys/wallet/baby combo, I’d never leave home without my sunglasses! I would loooove to win one of these!

  8. godzoned (Debbie) | Reply

    I got one too! cool aye. I used it for organizing my sewing tote.

  9. chewing gum! never know wen your gonna need fres breath :O)
    (ok really its just a bad habbit,from my pregnancy days, of needing it to stop morning sickness BUT means now I always ave it on hand)

  10. babywipes and nappies 🙂

  11. Ooo, yes please. Being a complete bag lady even before baby, I am in desperate need of some organising aid! Never leave home without some cruskits & toy cars. The little man loves both & they have saved me from many a melt down

  12. hair tie (aka as bobble in parts of NZ) and plaster (aka bandaid for any Americans reading this blog).

  13. That’s great bag organizer. This will turn ordinary bag into your own nappy bag too 🙂 I always make sure that I am wipes, tissues and alcohol gel in my bag.

  14. My red umbrella lives in my bag, can’t trust the Auckland weather!!

  15. sunnies and wallet and lipgloss..sorry can’t just make it one!!

  16. I don’t leave home without my cellphone!

  17. please enter me in your draw
    Id love to win one back to give to my daughter for Christmas

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