Have Ramekins Will Travel

I feel so behind in my challenges and I am desperate to get through some so tonight I decided to make the Individual Lemon Souffles from Sophie’s book.

Personally I’m not sure about souffle.

People seem to think they are totally temperamental to make

and who orders souffle for dessert? Who are these people and why aren’t they ordering cheesecake and mudcake like the rest of us?

Thanks to trays in the oven (that’s what I’m blaming) they were a major dissapointment.


Likelihood of a repeat – none. Still we all ate them – waste not want not and all that!

Tonight I had to soften my butter the old-fashioned way because we are without microwave in our temporary digs. (In trouble for calling mama’s house digs!)

Sink Soften

80/100 complete


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