Why Mama NEEDS a sewing room.

This is the photo that says it all. Can you see the feet? Can you feel my pain?

My Darling Mischief Maker

These are the alternative titles for the post:

– Why I’m motivated to find a new house

– Fun activities to try while waiting to go to sleep

– 4 year olds are great helpers to match patter numbers

– Why you should feel worried when your almost 2 year old greets you at the door to say sorry when you get home

– The person who prints pattern numbers on every piece of a pattern obviously knew my child

– Temporary room sharing can be tricky

I think that’s enough for tonight! Feel free to add you own.


5 responses

  1. fabulous!! I love it!! So funny… but yes i do feel your pain also x x x

  2. Oh that is priceless! Oh yes I do feel your pain… If it helps a story from my neighbour whose lovely husband gave her a bottle of very expensive perfume for Christmas one year to make her feel a bit special as she was a busy Mum of four children – two 18months old, a three year old and a five. One night soon after Christmas one of the 18month year olds got hold of it and thought it made a lovely noise coming out of the bottle as he poured it down the sink! Now you can’t recover that!
    You will find a lovely house with a sewing space and master almost 2 will grow. The 18month year old is now 14 and just a lovely boy. He babysits our children!

  3. Annette! Thanks it’s all about perspective really isn’t it!

  4. Couldn’t help but giggle. Love It 🙂

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