Secret Confessions and a Giveaway

This week I have the fun of trying out some of Baker’s Delight Hi-Fibre Lo-GI (of the nutritional rather than military GI) bread. We went off and collected this yesterday and had it bread sliced. We also picked up some cheesy rolls and maybe a finger bun because really could you go past this?

Finger Bun Action

This week I am going to be letting you know about my adventures with said bread BUT you also have the chance to win some too. Baker’s Delight are sending me 5 x $5 vouchers to give away! Cool huh?

This is the deal as well as letting you know about what my boys are having in their lunches I will ask you delve into the secret embarrassment and delights of your own lunchbox experiences. Each day (Weds-Fri) I will draw a random winner and then over the weekend I will choose 2 entries that made me laugh to get the other 2 vouchers.


To enter you need to leave a comment on the days topic. Obviously you need to have a Baker’s delight nearby.

Today Master 4 decided to have bacon and ham in his sandwich… seriously usually when I ask what he wants he opts for honey or peanut butter. So I made it.

Master 2 wanted…. no surprises …..’ p-nutter’.

Master 4

I try hard to have lunch boxes that aren’t full of packet food. Today I think there was a reasonable balance.

Now for today’s topic – lunchbox secrets. I have this enduring memory from primary school cloak-bays…. someone would walk out at lunch time while you were all getting lunch and say ‘ewww who has egg sandwiches?’ and everyone would make appropriate disapproving /gagging noises. Including me. Trouble is I loved egg sandwiches when I had them but I couldn’t cope with the disapproval from others. Much like dropping a ‘blow-off’ at a ladies event it was something I didn’t want to own up to. So then of course one had to try to eat one’s sandwiches without anyone seeing it was you that had the egg sandwiches.

Master 2

You’ll be pleased to know I’m loud and proud with my egg sandwiches now but I can’t say I’ll always own up to the other – good thing I still have one in nappies to blame.

To enter today’s draw for a Baker’s Delight voucher confess what you secretly like to eat but are ashamed to confess – children’s leftovers count.


7 responses

  1. To answer the question accurately, I’d have to say Burger Rings. I’m ashamed to admit it because they barely count as a food being that they are mainly artificial colour, flavour and air!

  2. Can I also add that I don’t buy or eat them for the above reasons but I am always tempted when I’m at a certain family’s child friendly parties!

  3. Carrying on the child friendly party food theme – I love to eat cheerios. Can’t resist them at kid’s parties.

  4. Oh my goodness so reminded me of my school day lunches. We were always allowed one healthy sandwich and one sweet one. I loved having chocolate chips in my sandwiches and would always hold the sandwich really carefully so no chocolate chips would accidently fall out and someone would see! I have to confess I just had one the other day, while the girls were at pre school of course, especially as our house rule is that nutalla sandwiches and hot chocolates are only consumed on the weekends!!

  5. Haha – that egg sandwich story is funny! I just gave all of my kids egg sandwiches today – whoops!

    I love having jam on cheese buns – is that weird? Something about the cheese and jam really makes my taste buds get excited.


  6. my naughty secret is dipping fresh white bread into bacon dripping. sooooooooooooooo good. i hide it from my husband because it’s sooooooooo naughty. My kids all love it too.

    My eldest went through a phase a few years ago of mixing vegemite and marmite together in his sammie and he named it vegaaarmite. He thought it was the bomb. weird kid

  7. ok well I dont really have anything quite in keeping with the theme here, BUT, when Nom visited last weekend it emerged that my penchant for dipping chocolate in coffee might not be considered…hmmm…..mainstream.

    ALSO to the anguish of my husband I am quite prepared to eat things that have been on the floor (our floor only mind), and please note I never give serve him or our guests things off the floor. Having said that, I did say last night as he walked past “Hey honey, do you want this piece of pizza? It feel on the floor, but it was face up so its fine”. Note I can’t eat pizza. He said no. Its not that I like food off the floor, its just that it seems such a waste!!!!!

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