I Am Two

Currently in temporary accommodation we celebrated Master 1’s 2nd birthday.

Yes I am 2

For my own parenting prides sake I must point out that yes he had a sippy cup but usually he drinks out of proper cups and has done for some time.

It was a full on truck, car, digger kind of affair – He approved!

'O-ang Cake'

With an orange Car cake hastily thrown together by me on the day. I blame house hunting it’s a busy activity!

We had a great time. He is such a great little guy. He loves orange, vehicles, teddies, dancing, singing and making people laugh. He brings us great delight and hopefully we do the same for him.


I am privileged and blessed to have 2 little boys.


I always thought I would have girls being from an all girl family but I am so thrilled to be a mama to boys they are just right for me.


Of course I also have a god-daughter now so I can all the pinky-girly fix I need with her.



4 responses

  1. The boys in my class loved this cake. You are a super mummy. I am very proud of you. xx

  2. Happy Birthday to your little man!!
    I’m from an all girl family too (5 of us) and found it really cool to have my sons first, bit of a novelty for the family too as they were the first grandchildren on my side.
    your cake is awesome!
    and I was so judging you on the sipper cup…NOT 🙂

  3. Cute cake! I have two boys and come from a family of all girls too. Funny how things work out. And I’m not much of a girly girl so it suits me perfectly.


    Hope you all had a great day. I have a sneaking suspicion that our 2 year olds share the same birthday! The birthday cake looks amazing… well done!

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