The Lunchbox Walk of Shame and Giveaway

Today we enjoyed ‘Pizza Squeezies’ with our Baker’s Delight Bread. Pizza Squeezie is a marketing term I coined in ordered to convince a little person to try toasted sandwiches. It worked.

The bread is actually nice and soft but has some strength. I like that Baker’s Delight gives away all the bread they have left at the end of each day. Make’s me feel like I am supporting charity when I shop there!!

Today’s topic is lunchbox shame. If you were one of those lucky people who had shop bought biscuits and goodies then I was probably one of those people you felt sorry for. Looking back now I’m pretty proud we were a homemade kind of family and we always had a lunch that was nutritious and healthy. However in my lunchbox items of shame I have to list the following:

1. Weetbix with spread on them – when the baking ran out. Good points: they took the whole of morning tea time to get through and with the thick layer of butter they held everything, including your jaw, together.

2. Peanuts – not in shells, not roasted, not even blanched. Just plain brown-skinned peanuts. While everyone else was trashing the environment with their flashy raisins in packets we had a peanut and raisin mix in lunch paper.

To enter the draw today simply tell me what you used to wish WAS in your lunchbox or what you put in your kids lunch boxes that makes you feel bad.

I have to say on the odd occasion my boys have chips or rubbish muesli  sweet bars I feel like a bad parent – as a kid it would have been my idea of an awesome lunch.

How things change!

Bath Fun

On Saturday I will do a random draw from each of the lunchbox posts for a winner (Wed, Thurs, ) and then select another couple that made me laugh. Comment every day increase you chances!


5 responses

  1. I always wish for sandwiches that have been 5mins ago by someone else!

  2. And for the past: shop bought biscuits! Roll ups also caused me lunch box envy!

  3. We used to get marmite sandwiches in lunch paper and I always wished for something a bit more exotic. I am ashamed to say that occasionally I put in yoplait chocolate dairy food next to the sandwich and apple and carrot sticks in my kids lunch. Oh god it’s awful stuff but it is soooo easy to reach into the fridge and pull them out. My miss 7 also refuses to eat sandwiches which after having to feed them to the chickens day after day I have stopped giving her – So now what do i do??? She also classes wraps etc as sandwiches so it is crackers which are not that great – HELP! Her lunchbox always looks kind of pitiful and I feel so guilty trucking her off with apple, carrot, crackers and some baking… (Yes she will eat any sweet stuff on offering) Oh be glad of those boys you have Miriam, my two are lunch eating bliss compared to Miss 7.

  4. Sandwiches in a bread bag was my shame! (the plastic bag the bread comes in) I can’t remember feeling ashamed though. Maybe jealous…

  5. i was definately jealouse of those who had Le Snack (cheesy dip and crackers), roll ups and….wait for it….lunch money!! When I got my own cash flow from a part time job I realised that I could by my own danish twist for $1.30, beat soggy sandwhiches that had been screwed up in the bottom of my bag for 5 hours!!! For Annette I wonder if just low sugar baking like scones or bready things (make it give its cheese scrolls) would suffice? Not too much sweet, but filling like sandwhiches????

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