The Lunch Date Question and Giveaway

Today’s lunchbox question in order to go in the draw for a Baker’s Delight voucher is this:

Your perfect lunch date –

Where, with whom and what would you eat?

For me I would probably choose a winery on a lazy summer day with a long time available and would take my well-deserving and often long-suffering man. As for what I ate… there would definitely be meat involved and then something with a calorie hit and a lot of chocolate for dessert.

I don’t even drink wine but I have loved the winery meals I have enjoyed.

The Kind of Setting

We usually go ‘ethnic’ (for want of a better term – Indian, Thai, Moroccan, Turkish, Japanese, Bengali..) when we eat out but for a summer lunch date I can’t imagine anything finer.

What would you choose?

Tune in on Sunday to discover the winners from each day and my 2 favourite picks.

2 responses

  1. Nom and I enjoyed a beautiful picnic on the Port Hills last month. We had quiche (home-made by Nom), cheese, crackers and beer. It was great!

    So in answer to your question:
    Port hills
    Cheese and crackers (essential)
    Any friend or family (Naomi especially)
    German or Belgian Wheat beer is a nice treat
    Sandwich or something more wholesome.

  2. My perfect lunch date would be with my husband. .At a cool restaurant in Whitianga called The Fireplace where we had a lovely romantic meal when we were just boyfriend/girlfriend. I would eat pasta, drink stoneleigh wine & finish with loads of chocolate. Mmmm

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