Challenge 41

A day in photos.

Early morning

At the Canterbury show.

Ready for the Day

Not with a Polaroid camera because I haven’t got one.

With Daddy

We went early.

First Jumper of the Day gets the Longest Turn

Left midday.






Watched the dog trials.

Watching the Farm Dogs

Checked out the tractors (are you impressed Fergs??)

Ready to Drive It

Or perhaps the lawnmowers??? I wouldn’t know

Watch Us Go

Liked the piglets.


Loved the chicks.

Little Chick

Born that day.

Brand New Chicks

Saw the sights.

Looking at the Calf

Enjoyed time together.

My Boys

Made some memories.

Watching Together

I’m not much of a farm girl.

Oh this Dog must have been Hot!

But this was such a lovely thing to do together.

A Prize Winning Duck

Arriving at the start of the day and leaving before the heat and crowds were overwhelming was perfect.

Look At Him Jump

88/100 complete

Little One


3 responses

  1. Delightful photos of a delightful family. xx

  2. I am about to start my own 100 challenges this week coming and I adapted this challenge. I made it so that I have to take pictures on a day out with friends and then give them a disc with a copy of all the pictures. The show looked great.

  3. we were there too, yet did the opposite and arrived at the end of the day 😉
    was such a hot day wasnt it!
    we all loved those baby chicks, had no idea they had only been born that day though!

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