DIY Christmas Wreath

Every year I think about how I am going to go all out and decorate and then I find myself wildly making decorations on the 30th of November.

Each year I make both the boys a Christmas tree decoration and try to take a picture of them hanging it on the tree. That way when they leave home (speaking in faith here!) they will have a whole set of decorations that will hopefully have memories attached to them.


At this point I must digress and say yes I am aware they will probably marry (again in faith) one of those girl’s who decorate their tree with only silver bows or some other such thing and won’t want a bar of 18+ years worth of manky homemade decorations!

This year we don’t even have a home for decorating so I have kindly decided that the boys and I will make all sorts of wonderful things to decorate Ma and Pop’s house where we are currently stationed. Lucky them.

Today we made some wreaths.

Colouring Stars

While the boys were asleep and I tried to make a Lentil and Kumara curry I also cut out stars from coloured paper and 2 sort of circular wreath shapes from some old A4 paper.


Then we had some fun.

Choosing a Bell

And here are the results. We are very impressed with ourselves.

Master 2 with his Wreath

Don’t you wish we could decorate your place too?

Master 2's Wreath

Master 4 changed into this outfit especially for the photo with his! (He may not appreciate me publishing this in time but I plan to be one of those embarrassing mothers anyway – I might as well start early.)

Master 4's Wreath

92/100 complete


4 responses

  1. Great Wreaths! And that photo of Sam is so funny!

  2. Classic shot – wonder where he gets his desire to dress up from?!! 😉

  3. I have 2 boys as well and I am saving all the embarassing pictures to use as tourture when they are bigger!

  4. So gorgeous! I just love the wee tutu. The wreaths are cute too!

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