Small Things

Yesterday I had my Creator-Date at the wonderful Addington Coffee Co-Op.

Not only are they all fair trade they are also the most reasonable cafe ever and at the end of the year they donate their profits back to the places they source their goods. Oh, and the food is great too!

Apron Detail

Yesterday I bought myself an early birthday present while I was there. This apron is made by a woman in the 3rd world who is making these aprons from old sari fabric. This business allows her freedom from a life in sexual slavery. I love this apron. I think it is beautiful and I hope that it reminds me every time I feel a little ‘caught in domestic drugery-ish’ that I have choices and freedom and that is not a given for many, many women in the world.

My New Apron

A life cooking meals for my books and playing games and cleaning up and all that goes with it is an AMAZING freedom. I will remember this woman and her gift of perspective to me.

I also picked up this ‘keep cup’ for a lovely friend who only likes to drink her coffee in a takeaway cup. And I made it a little wrap so it’s personal. Now I can get off her case about the throwaway cups.

Keep Cup

I am also working on a bigger project for a special family member who is celebrating something special in her life.

93/100 complete


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