In My Mailbox

Today I received 2 lovely things in my mail box.

My dear friend Rosie found these buttons for me while she was clearing up at her place. So lovely.

New Buttons

And I received the first of my swap decorations from the VERY talented Gabrielle. Look at the envelope it arrived in!

The Envelope

For those who are unaware of the swap thing. You all sign up to say you will make something (in this case a Christmas Decoration) and then you make multiple copies of it and post it out to the people in your group. Someone arranges the groups and gives you the addresses. Then you receive something back from everyone in your group.


exquisite Little Stocking

Only having received this beautiful one I’m a little worried the rest of my group may be very unimpressed with mine. I sent mine last week and I’ll post some photos when I know they have all arrived. I guess these things are bound to be slightly fraught with a little self-doubt even with my fairly robust self-esteem.

And I have 4 more lovely decorations to look forward to. I love, love opening the letterbox to treats!

Thanks Rosie and Gabrielle! (Currently my link button isn’t working but I will post a link to Gabrielle’s blog when it is.)


One response

  1. Yes, well, you and I can fight it out for daggiest ornament in the swap, then … I’m having Swap Anxiety …

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