I am trying to get some Christmas sewing completed at the moment for various family members.

Some Aprons in Progress

I am also part way through a quilt for some special people we love. Here is a sneaky peak.

Quilt in Progress

I still need to do some hand quilting on it to complete it.


The carpet is not appreciating my efforts but if it feels at all consoled I am not appreciating how tightly it holds onto the threads when I try to vacuum them up. It’s a hate hate type relationship but we will all be pleased when I have a dedicated sewing space. ALL of us!


Master 4 is settling well into his new kindy with his characteristic charm and friendliness (not that I’m bias!) he is doing all sorts of very grown up leaping off, climbing onto and swinging from things independently.

So High

It is so nice to have children at that stage of life where they want to show you everything they are doing. I hope this continues for a long time.

Rope Swing

Master 2 is rather impressed with kindy too. Especially their large collection of cars. Bless him.

Little Photo Boy

93/100 complete


2 responses

  1. oooh I LOVE the fabric and colours of that quilt! It has totally taken my fancy…. Have never been brave enough to try making one myself, but wish I had really.

    It’s beautiful

  2. I am biased too. These are the cutest boys in all the world.

    Love your quilt. You are a very creative person. I am proud of you. xx

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