I LOVE Suprises

Today is my 11th wedding anniversary.

Last night husband took me out for tea. (We do year about to organise something.)

Then came the surprise…

… he took me to a hotel.

There were flowers and a card waiting, and a bath bomb and a massage bar.

Then there was dinner. Afterwards we went to the library and checked out stacks of our favourite magazines.

This morning after a full buffet breakfast we lay in bed and read magazines.

No babies, no interruptions, no planning on my part. Just blissful time with the man I love.

Here’s looking at you babe!


6 responses

  1. happy anniversary to you both!
    wow sounds like an awesome way to celebrate!!!

  2. Congratulations!
    You lucky thing!!! Sounds like an amazing way to celebrate.

  3. Wow! Has it been 11 years!!! Time flies! Congratulations you guys. Sounds like you had a lovely celebration. Lots of love to you both xxxx

  4. He’s a keeper that one!! (i guess after 11 years you’ve figured that already!!!) Congratulations on your anniversary x x x x

  5. Like all have said, hold on tight to him, he is worth keeping. I have been with my man 11 yrs this weekend, but we have only been married 2. All the best to you

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