Reasons to Love Birthdays

I love birthdays I am unashamed to say.

Today is my birthday and I am 33. I’d like to think I am a mixture of not acting my age, having a happy naivety about life and also being wise beyond my years…. But that’s just what I’d like to think!!

So here are some things I like about birthdays.

1. Being around to enjoy them. A birthday for someone passed is a time for thoughtful reflection. A birthday for someone alive is a time for (sometimes rowdy) celebration.

2. Presents – I am not ashamed to say it – I LOVE PRESENTS – I love giving them and buying them and I love receiving them too. Thanks to the 5 Love Languages being a present lover doesn’t appear to be so shallow anymore. ‘A present is love in token form’.

Hello Presents

3. Nice words – birthdays are traditionally a time where people write me words are tell me they love me and I love those kind of words even more than presents. If you tell me you love me and I’m awesome I believe it. (And I revisit it often in my mind!)

Read them Again and Again

4. People – birthdays give me an excuse to hang out with people I like who like me back.

5. Cakes – I like making cakes and I like the sense of occasion that a cake brings to a gathering. It doesn’t have to be mine and more than often I don’t get made a cake but I always get excited about making cakes for others.

Nothing Wrong with Shop Bought!

6. Mail – who can resist mail that comes in nice envelopes instead of boring window envelopes.

7. The photos – well who can resist those ‘resident village idiot’ shots? I specialise in them!

Could I Look Sillier? Probably!

8. Attention – okay this is pretty shallow, even more shallow than some of the others. I get much pleasure in being the centre of attention. I think it wise this doesn’t happen for me too frequently because humility has never been my strongest virtue but there is nothing like a day of being the princess.

So if you are one of those. ‘Don’t make a fuss of my birthday’ types can I just say there are some very good reasons to love birthdays and people like me enjoy making a fuss. Next time you have one trying throwing caution to the wind and CELEBRATE – who knows you might enjoy it??

And if everyone always forgets your birthday and it makes you hurt – help us out and let us know because we’d probably love to celebrate you but some of us have little issues with memory and calendar organisation. Just saying.

In the meantime have a happy day because Dec 1st is my birthday and I’m wishing YOU many happy returns.


8 responses

  1. A very happy birthday to you. Hope it is a lovely one, I will be thinking of you. love and hugs

  2. Happy Birthday my lovely friend! I hope you have a fab day being the princess – you deserve it! Lots of love xxxx

  3. A very very happy birthday to you. I’m birthday-remembering-challenged but I do love presents, so will have fun concocting a wee something for you!! Love and hugs to you… I hope your birthday is fantastic and fun, just like you xxxx

  4. Lovely to chat today little big sis. I love birthdays too and I hope yours continues to be a wonderful one. I love you!

  5. Hey there sexy girl,
    Hope you are having a fabulous birthday – you deserve it.
    Are you nearly finished with your challenges???
    Enjoy your day.
    Love Leanne

  6. Happy Birthday to you, I love celebrating and buying presents too, I am one who also tries really hard to send (by mail) a card if it is someones day. To me it is really special and should be celebrated just so. I just had mine 2 weeks ago and I had a ball but then it was my 40th!

  7. happy birthday for yesterday!!!

  8. I’m glad you had a nice birthday. It was nice to share it with you.

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