D is for Decorations

Every year I make the boys a decoration for their collection. I have a friend who buses into town with her children to buy a decoration from a fancy shop every year. Maybe I should start this too so that the boys have some ‘real’ ones in their collection as well!

This year I made their decoration while I was making the ones for the swap.

Christmas Doves

Little birds with ‘Peace’ on one side and ‘Joy’ on the other. Two of my favourite messages from Christmas.

Dressing the Tree

I try to photograph them putting them on the tree too so I have progress of them ‘growing up’ each Christmas.

Hanging the Decoration

For the swap I made these doily circles and also the birds. My ‘is it up to scratch’ anxiety was eased by sending off two.

Ready to Post

For my decorations so far I received the gorgeous little stocking from Gabrielle that I blogged about the other day.

Then this ADORABLE owl from Gilly.

Christmas Owl

Wrapped in this sweet fabric.


And this lovely star from Dione who organised it all.

Star Decoration

I think I still have 2 coming which is exciting too.

I love the sense of anticipation that decorating the house gives Christmas. Next year I am looking forward to being in a house of our own again so I can really decorate. I also have a trip planned to check out my amazing friend Annette’s house which will be incredible and all handmade photos I promise.

Growing Boys

93/100 complete

4 responses

  1. Great ornaments! The boys look really pleased with them too!

  2. Your decorations are gorgeous and much more ‘real’ than fancy store bought ones! My Mum handmade a decoration for the grandchildren every year and now I have taken over this wonderful tradition. Hope the house can live up to expectations – pressure pressure!!

  3. Love your decorations they will be the prescious ones for years to come something to remember childhood by. I must admit I feel a lot envious with such wonderful ideas and actually being able to make them! I love your blog and am in awe of the skills you have :o) Merry Christmas!

    p.s My D would be Desire to be able to create, decorate and have it look as amazing as others can do. I just lack in the imagination and skills to pull it off.

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