A Girl’s Day

On Saturday we completed Challenge 100 it was supposed to be a weekend away but our timetables weren’t kind.

Beach Flower

Instead we met at 7am walked on the beach.

The Beach

Drove to Governor’s bay.

Govenors Bay

Found a gorgeous jetty.

The Jetty

Had breakfast at She Chocolat.

Went for a ‘walk through town’.

This was such a perfect way to do this challenge. We talked about our year – the highlights and triumphs the challenges that weren’t so hot and we PLANNED for 2011.

I am blessed to have done these challenges and I am grateful to Kyleigh fo suggesting we do them. She is fabulous.


With 6 challenges to go I can see the end which is just as well because there isn’t long left of this year.


94/100 complete

3 responses

  1. I had a wonderful morning with you! We did so much! Thanks for sharing the moring with me. Love Ky

  2. HI there! Thanks for your comment on my blog! So nice to meet you. I am really looking forward to exploring your blog and love the idea of the 100 challenges. Very inspiring!

  3. looks like a blissful way to spend a saturday morning. mmmmmmmmm I loooove She cafe. Only been there once and have been LITERALLY begging the hub to take me there again!

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