Making Little Angels with My Little Angels

We are continuing to prepare our house and our hearts for Christmas.

On Monday afternoon we made these. I made  up the pattern as we went along. The shape was inspired by a decoration book I got out.

A Master 4 Masterpiece

We talked about what the angels did at Christmas time. Brought the message of joy to the shepherds.


I drew the shapes on coloured paper. One colour each, five angels on each shape.


Coloured on them.

Glittered them – also emptied a pot of glitter on the table – Thanks Master 2!

Adding the Glitter

Made faces – one of Master 4’s was sad ‘because someone kicked her’ (guess even angels have bad days when you are 4).

Bodies Ready

Made wings and then loops which I think double nicely as halos.

Then Master 4 found places to hang his all over the house and I went looking for them. I did Master 2’s. Daddy had to find them all when he got home.

Master 2's Angel

The thing that is really good about these is how cheap they were to make:

Paper 2 sheets from a $4 packet of 50 colours. Maybe 5c

1 sheet of tissue from a $1 packet of 10 = 10c

Glitter 3 pots for $2  = 50c

Glue $4 I probably could have found some cheaper but I was in a hurry when we made the wreaths last week. 50c

Ribbon $2 roll – no more than 30c

Googly eyes – $2 for a packet used less than half = 70c

Then tape and crayons and scrap paper for the faces free.

All up an afternoon of entertainment, some decoration and some quality time with my boys about $2.15 (and that is a generous estimate) pretty good value really.

4 Little Angels

94/100 complete


3 responses

  1. Love them! They look like such fun to make.

    I also love that you talked about the Christmas story and Angels while you were making them. It is all to easy for kids these days to grow up believing that Christmas is just about Santa, Christmas trees, decorations and presents.

  2. SO cute with the poor angel being ‘kicked’….! Made me laugh.

    Don’t you just love the little ‘concentration’ or ‘doing something’ look that kids get?! Just like in your pic of Master 2 with the glitter. Those looks melt my heart!

  3. These are so wonderful! My fav kind of children’s craft activity too – using easy to get items that cost very little! Also lovely and simply so young children can really get involved and partake without an adult needing to lean over and assist too much.

    Your angels did a great job! I shall have to borrow this wonderful idea and make some with mine 🙂 Thanks for sharing x

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