To Remember

This week has been a little challenging in one way and another. Living with the grandies in their lovely home is a blessing but when you have 2 small children who sometimes do very bad things like drawing on the carpet – let’s just say my blood pressure has taken a hammering!

So today I want to take a moment and remember a couple of very sweet things these boys have said.

Master 4 has decided on calling Buzz Lightyear – Buzz Likeya. So cute and actually very reflective of his approach to life. He likes EVERYONE.

Master 2 was playing with some cars at kindy the other day and he found some road signs. I said ‘What does that sign say?’ and he said ‘Excuse Me’.

Adorable but in a slightly insane-inducing way just now. I do love them very much.

Photo taken by Green Melons for a Playcentre fundraiser and I backed it on fabric after seeing how Cloud Nine framed some of her prints the other day. Cool huh?

My Boys

94/100 complete


3 responses

  1. When I was young my Mum took me to the doctor once because I was blinking a lot. Mum thought I might have an eye problem. He asked what was happening at home and then told Mum that she needed to get off my back – They had been renovating and Mum and Dad had been telling me – not to touch this and not to touch that I had developed a reflex action to all the don’ts!!!! Aaaah those tricky times. I also remember sharing a house with my in laws when I was due to have number two. On the tenth day of being overdue and Father in law asked that morning “are you still here” jokingly but my hormones couldn’t take a joke just then and I was ready to pack the bags and leave for home
    ( Wanaka!) Luckily Number two arrived shortly after and we could escape. Hang in there your beautiful boys will grow up and mature and be adorable and not draw on the carpet – i haven’t met a 15 year old yet that does – they just get into bigger stuff! cheers Annette

  2. The photo looks awesome framed up like that.
    We had to move in with my parents for 15 months just weeks before our 3rd child was born…..aaaaarrgghhhhh I know your stress 😉

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